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Love Capulong has a unique job. Aside from being a loving wife to Ed and doting mother to Isabella, she is a talent manager in Star Magic and handles some of the brightest stars today. She handles the likes of Vina Morales, Erich Gonzales, Daniel Matsunaga, Joseph Marco, Erik Santos and

Juana Etiquette Young Men

There are certain things that little boys can learn at a young age that will never get old. In fact, this will set them apart. These are things that can be taught to a child from a young age and stand the test of time. Seeing a little boy practice

Juana De Bloat Diet plan

  The holidays are over and you’ve come to the sad realization that all your clothes are tight. Nights out filled with great food and fine wine have caught up with you, while its probable and scary to think that actual body fat and body weight has been put on, chances

Juana Pure Beaute

Virgin coconut oil (VCO) has long been hailed as the wonder oil that can fix everything .The range of Pure Beaute toiletries presents VCO in a much more glamorous way, with all the benefits the oil is known for. Gentle and nourishing, the range has no strong scent and is


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Juana Raw Bites

At juana.com.ph, its no secret that we love food.  As the girls and I are always munching on something when we brainstorm,  and I am on a constant search for the next new healthy snack. When a box of Raw Bites arrived in my office, I was excited. My particular

Juana kids safety

Did you observe the noticeable increase in police presence in and around the city over the weekend due to the recent declaration of a “State of Lawlessness” across the nation? This was implemented by the President to combat the acts of terrorism that gripped the city of Davao last Friday. A

Juana Chibi Momo

You would be hard pressed not to leave Chibi Momo with something in hand. The premiere multi brand boutique for kids located in Century Mall is a destination in itself. Stocked with brands for children from all over the world, one could build an entire wardrobe plus play room from

Juana Aches Pains

After having kids, I noticed more aches and pains come out. Maybe it was the fatigue from having a new born, breast feeding, pumping plus falling asleep in weird positions. I started working out when I was cleared and just didn’t feel the same. Old injuries plus new aches started surfacing.



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