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5 Ways To Simplify Mom Life In Manila

Mom Life Manila

Motherhood alone is trying but when a new culture and a big city are in the mix, there are definitely obstacles to overcome. Being an expat in Manila allows me to see everything with new eyes and since I am in the throes of full time motherhood I get to experience the perks of being a mom in Manila.


Five Ways To Simplify Mom Life In Manila


  1. Schedule An Uber. Who knew this was a thing? A friend tipped me off to the option located right in the app. Tuesdays are our coding days and I always struggled to remember to get an Uber on time. Coding mornings have become much less difficult with this handy feature. I schedule the Uber the night before, problem solved.


  1. Teachers and Tutors Come To The Home. The convenience of having a swim teacher come over for a small group class or one on one is a game changer. And the price is unbeatable. Typically in The US you pay 2,000php per month for a group swim class, plus the class is always at a recreation center or gym. Perks of The Philippines, you watch your child learn to swim from the convenience of your own home for a fraction of the price.


  1. Food Panda. For those days off when there is no house help or you find yourself in a bind, Food Panda saves the day. This is so unique to the Philippines and I love that I can order healthy food rather than stopping at the drive-thru. Let’s be honest, having a helper is awesome and one of my favorite aspects of Manila life. However, when we don’t have our magical yaya, I struggle! Food Panda is an app that is connected to a number of restaurants. You can scroll through a dozen menus before you find your craving fix.


  1. Snacks On The Road. We all know traffic here can be painful but what a life-saver to have roadside snacks while waiting hours on end, stuck on The C-5. We are talking traffic stuck for 70 minutes to go 3 km. When the hangry sets in, I like to throw caution to the wind and buy my kids bicho bicho or cheese rings from the roadside vendors. They even have cold water. But don’t drink too much because bathrooms are far and few between!


  1. Couriers. Skipping the post office or delivering a package to the other side of Manila is unnecessary when you can schedule a pickup from your home. In my past life, I would use the drop box at the post office. Here I hardly ever use the mail system but on occasion I either need to have something delivered or sent to me. There are a number courier services that you can schedule on your device for a pick up. This is so convenient and takes a trip to the post office out of the way or even just a trip across Manila out of the way.

Manila is a big city with a lot of people however, she has her perks! Don’t forget to tap into those and simplify your mom life. What other tips have I missed? What are ways you simplify your life?



Amber Folkman is a transplant from Seattle and calls Manila home. Being here long term, Amber has settled with her husband and have grown their family with three boys. Amber has made it a personal mission to get everyone to thrive in Manila by sharing her positive perspective through Instagram and her blog, amommabroad.com.

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