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5 workouts to try when your regular routines get boring

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We all need to shake things up in our workout routines especially when we feel like we are in a rut. When that happens, the best thing you can do for yourself is to try new exercise programs. Mix things up a bit.


Check out the 5 new fitness classes we’ve tried out that are super fun yet still challenging. These classes will definitely burn those pesky calories!



  1. Body Transformer


This class is based on the classic Reformer Pilates but all similarity ends there. Ninety percent of the class is conducted on the reformer and it is infinitely more challenging and dynamic than whatever Reformer Pilates session you’ve attended in the past. Building lean muscle and toning and strengthening them while working on core stabilization is the heart of this workout. You’ll find yourself panting and dripping with sweat after this demanding workout.


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  1. Heat


Every session is different so you never know what to expect from the instructor. This intense workout, similar to interval training, rotates between the bozu, red cord, barre, spring wall, stability ball and at times, even the reformer machine. There is music throughout the class so it’s easier to perform the plyometrics and old school moves like lunges and squats. This is one class that works the body in every direction.


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  1. Piloxi


This is a fun and fast class that makes use of weighted gloves while borrowing moves from Pilates, boxing, and dance. It is a high energy interval and whole body workout that whips your body into shape while it burns a lot of calories.


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  1. Flyweight boxing


A group boxing class, each student has her own boxing bag while an instructor leads the workout. Another fast paced, challenging, and calorie burning workout, the boxing moves and footwork help boost strength, coordination, concentration, and balance.


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  1. Strong by Zumba


This is a fantastic high intensity, cardio burning, and total body interval training workout class. There’s not much dance but the music keeps you moving as it leads you to the next challenging move. With lunges, burpees, squats, and even more core work, your heart rate is sure to go up and you’ll know the workout did its job!


Search for a Zumba Strong class near you: https://www.zumba.com/en-US/party


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2 Comments on 5 workouts to try when your regular routines get boring

Maria said : Guest Report 4 months ago

Well, sometimes sticking to your routine could bore you. So it's really nice to have some new twists to the usual routine. I tried Zumba before and was doing Insanity as well. Boxing is also one of the things I would want to try in the future. :)

Yan said : Guest Report 4 months ago

Interesting! Whenever I get bored with my current workout I tend to try other things to for variation. Right now I'm going back to aerobics! :D

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