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Juana Winsome Box

Find out what's inside the winsome box!   [embed]https://youtu.be/idPqZuaSD2A[/embed]

Juana Slime

Kids have been going crazy over slime. They make it in all colors and play with the goo in all its glory! Here's how to make your own slime at home. It is also a surprisingly relaxing experience. Enjoy!       What you need: Measurements are not exact. Go by feel. Have fun!     A plastic

Juana Marketing Basics

If you are struggling with shopping in Manila, here is a tip that may help. Ditch your local grocery stores and malls and head to the palengkes and outdoor markets. After sinking my teeth into Manila by visiting artisans, bazaars, museums, workshops and markets, I was launched into a whole

Juana Shopping Mom

Shopping for mom is always a unique challenge. How does one choose a gift that is as special as she is? It’s a difficult task but as you shop around looking for that perfect gift, just ask yourself what your mom’s likes and dislikes are. Is there something she’s been

Juana Best Chocolate Cakes

Dimpy’s Chocolate Cake A classic fudgy and moist chocolate cake with chocolate icing, it is presented as a simple square but it will make every chocolate lover happy. It comes with a tub of caramel sauce that, when drizzled on it, is literally the perfect icing on the cake. Size 9x9 –

Juana WAHMs tool

Working from home is easier than ever because of one amazing invention: the internet. Add a computer and a smart phone and you can now be one of those people who have built and grown their careers in their living room. You can sell products, offer services, receive payments, negotiate

Juana Best Booking Sites

Booking everything online for travel, is the way to go. While there are many sites that aggregate rooms such as Agoda or Booking.com, for parents with small children or booking several rooms, we have found that booking directly on the hotel’s website is the best bet. Booking directly with the

Juana Beauty products

1.Virgin coconut oil as a body moisturizer   Say goodbye to flaky and dry skin. We’ve discovered that this magic oil really does make your skin smoother and softer. It may feel greasy at first but it is easily absorbed by the skin. Try it at night. Smooth some (and a little

Juana Medicine for travel

As travel season is afoot, we have put together a list of medicines and handy things to take in your travel medicine kit. Many countries don’t allow the purchase of some medicine without a doctor’s receipt so best to have it with you before you leave. We also include some

Juana Alegre

It is a perennial problem for girls everywhere to find the perfect outfit that will take them from day to night. Here is a checklist for your outfit to successfully take you from a morning meeting at school, a busy day at work to cocktails with your friends and finally,

Juana Bee Products

Who would have thought a busy bee could be so helpful to us? We are only too happy to enjoy the fruits of their labor. Here are some of our top product picks that we discovered we can’t live without. What do they all have in common? They all come

Juana Organic Market

The Organic Market in Forbestown is tucked away from the traffic and chaos of bustling Global City. The little corner comes to life with its interesting merchants and varied selections. It’s the perfect place to pick up your organic veggies and healthy snacks for the week while browsing through the

Juana Thailand Food

Its not everyday that one of Manila's 5 star hotel offers cooking classes by their specialty chefs. The Peninsula Manila will be running a cooking class for Thai food, led by their Thai chef Phaithoon Atthasarn on March 17. This is the first of the Peninsula's planned specialty cooking classes

Juana Birthday Venue

Kids know what they want these days and planning a birthday party for them that is both fun and won’t break the bank can be a bit of a challenge. Here are some of our suggestions!   Sip & Go   This art studio isn’t just for adults. With canvas easels and acrylic

Juana Date Night

  Compiled by Ana J. Gloria     When it comes to your Significant Other, you don’t have to wait for a special occasion to pull out all the stops. Celebrating togetherness anytime is as vital as observing time honored traditions. Why not rediscover new things about your relationship over good food and wine

Juana Jet Lag

Coping with jet lag is no joke. Instead of feeling refreshed after a vacation, another vacation is usually needed to recover from the first. With lack of sleep, changing time zones, and the whims of your kids, there is the inevitable strain on your mind and body.   Check out our list

Juana Flowers

  By Maria Parsons   We usually pick flowers because they appeal to us or we just think they are pretty, but did you know that certain flowers symbolize a range of things from long life to magnificence. Certain colors of the same flower can have different meanings, orange lilies symbolize passion whereas

Juana Lecon Suppliers

    Holiday merrymaking is not complete without lechon, the Filipino’s version of a roasted whole suckling pig. It doesn’t matter how calorie and cholesterol filled the lechon is. The lechon is the guest of honor in every gathering. Here are some tried and tested lechon suppliers in the metro:     Elar’s   Crispy skin

Juana Chicken

Who doesn’t like fried chicken? When the whole family, from the youngest to the oldest, agrees on what makes their fried chicken the crowd favorite, we take it very seriously.  Ippudo Who would have thought a ramen house would serve the crispiest (on the outside) yet juiciest (on the inside) fried

Juana Ice Cream

All kinds of ice cream bring smiles to our faces. However, not all ice cream is created equal. We love artisanal ice cream because of the hands-on approach the maker uses to make the best ice cream possible. He directs everything about the ice cream, from where the milk comes from

Juana Dine with family

Enjoy a night out in the town with the whole family in a place that doesn’t involve mascots, fast food, and she actually enjoys the night without having to feel (and look!) like a frazzled mom! Mamou A family favorite, Mamou has a casual and laid back vibe perfect for families wanting

Juana Metro Cleaners

Sometimes, every super Juana needs a helping hand. Book a professional cleaner at least once a year to give your home a once over. Here are tried and tested recommendations of moms from all over the metro. HOME CLEANERS: 1. Spic n Span Cleaning Services Tel. No: 0917-880-MAID and 502-6140 2. Pro Cleaners Amar Puyat Tel No: