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Juana.com.ph presents Kathryn Bernardo

Juana Kathryn Bernardo

Kathryn Bernardo has steadily risen since her breakthrough role in Mara Clara. Since then, her endorsements and teleseryes have been pouring in. As of late, she is more popularly known as one half of the love team KathNiel. As juana.com.ph puts the spotlight on women as role models, Kathryn surely fits the bill. A clean, girl next door image who wooed the bad boy on the proverbial block, she has brought out the softer side of love interest Daniel Padilia.


Many would agree that Kathryn’s success preceded that of Daniel’s as one of the teen idols in a resurgence that followed the 90’s Gimik crew. Their pairing in their love team skyrocketed both their careers.
In a society that truly imbibes the love teams that are presented to them, we decided to take Kathryn on her own and find out more about the teen idol who recently turned 21. As she blooms into adulthood, she is ready to carve out a path for herself. We sit down with Kathryn to probe her on the question- who is Kathryn without Daniel?


Find out more about Kathryn Bernardo! Watch the full interview. #juanalifestyle #kathrynbernardo




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4 Comments on Juana.com.ph presents Kathryn Bernardo

DreamCatcherGirl PH said : Guest Report 5 months ago

Kathryn Bernando is real a good actress and her career really boom with his love team Daniel Padilla. I'm not a fan but when i watch her movie, she's really good and made me cry on every line she might uttered. I highly doubted why she's been one of the teen's star in our showbiz industry.

Berlin | Momi Berlin said : Guest Report 5 months ago

Agree that she is one of the most famous tv personalities nowadays. Perhaps it is her charming smile plus her acting ability that help her reach the stars.

Kris said : Guest Report 5 months ago

Awwe..Kath has always been a sweetheart. The way she talks, very down to earth. I guess that's why people like her, very relatable. I was a bit shocked she's already 21 na pala and I remember seeing her on going bulilit before, shocks! I must be old! Haha!

loi said : Guest Report 5 months ago

humble kath. kaya kita gusto. ang bait pa. her fame never gets into her head. versatile actress pa. wants to do more and wants to improve herself always. never been a fave of the management but paborito at mahal ka ng masa kath :)

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