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Juana Scotch Whisky

Whisky is slowly catching on as the drink of choice for many women. I myself love the smoky flavors of a well aged Scotch Whisky, a taste I developed sniffing my dad’s decanters when I was a kid. If you can’t take the heat in the chest of a whisky

Juana Burt’s Bees

Finding the perfect lipstick has always been a toss up for me. If its rich and full of color, it tends to dry out your lips. If its glossy and has less color, it wipes away quickly. A long time ago, a make up artist told me to always put

Juana Raw Bites

At juana.com.ph, its no secret that we love food.  As the girls and I are always munching on something when we brainstorm,  and I am on a constant search for the next new healthy snack. When a box of Raw Bites arrived in my office, I was excited. My particular

Juana Rustans Beauty

The old adage says ‘Beauty is in the eye of the beholder’, and this holds true even more when it comes to motherhood. Sweet innocent children see their mothers as the most beautiful people on earth, while every mother see their children in that loving and special way only a

Juana Thailand Food

Its not everyday that one of Manila's 5 star hotel offers cooking classes by their specialty chefs. The Peninsula Manila will be running a cooking class for Thai food, led by their Thai chef Phaithoon Atthasarn on March 17. This is the first of the Peninsula's planned specialty cooking classes

Juana Tea Sets

There is a line in the Filipino play ‘ A New Yorker In Tondo’ wherein Kikay tells her mother off, right after she first arrives from the Big Apple. ‘How many times do I have to tell you, not to serve fruit juice in water glasses?’ Kikay of course, did

Juana Etiquette Young Men

There are certain things that little boys can learn at a young age that will never get old. In fact, this will set them apart. These are things that can be taught to a child from a young age and stand the test of time. Seeing a little boy practice

Juana Coffee drinks top 10

Every mama needs a little help waking up. If you love coffee, here are our top 10 coffee drinks in the metro! 1. UCC's Sumiyaki Bold, deep flavor, and low in acidity. P190.00 2. Toby's Estate's Mocha Toby’s makes the most delicious Mochas that take you to the heart of Sydney in one sip. P160.00 4. Lanai Iced coffee   Made

Juana Chibi Momo

You would be hard pressed not to leave Chibi Momo with something in hand. The premiere multi brand boutique for kids located in Century Mall is a destination in itself. Stocked with brands for children from all over the world, one could build an entire wardrobe plus play room from

Juana Beauty Hacks

Every busy mom feels like a headless chicken when running around trying to manage the household, the children, her husband and work. The last thing a girl wants is to look tired, haggard and like she’s given up. I personally get a few things done to cut prep time and

Juana Pure Beaute

Virgin coconut oil (VCO) has long been hailed as the wonder oil that can fix everything .The range of Pure Beaute toiletries presents VCO in a much more glamorous way, with all the benefits the oil is known for. Gentle and nourishing, the range has no strong scent and is

Juana Eat Organic

While many don't choose to eat 100% organic or don’t believe in it, bottom line is that there are some food that are more susceptible to absorbing chemicals and pesticides more than others. Use the Dirty Dozen and Clean Fifteen to guide you when choosing your produce. Dirty Dozen Peaches Apples