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Juana Gadgets

Our addiction to our gadgets (and internet access) is right alongside our penchant for sweets and our tendency to be a couch potato. The big difference is that we actually need our gadgets to make our life easier. Whether we use it to communicate for work, connecting for pleasure, or

Juana Managing Expectations

Through trial and error I have come to learn the key to a good adventure is: low expectations. If you have low expectations, then you can always be pleasantly surprised. I know this may sound funny but if a whole country like Denmark can do it year after year then

Juana Weight Loss

There is incredible pressure when trying to lose weight. Whether it is pressure from the friends, from media or from deep within, the strain can take its toll and distract from the end goal.   To make things more difficult, the mind plays many tricks: how the body is erroneously viewed as

Juana Girlfriends

Visit a popular restaurant or café during peak times and you are sure to spot a tableful of women laughing and chattering away. It’s not going to matter if you arrived after them because you are sure to leave before them. And they won’t notice you either because there is

Juana Kawaii Shopping

I have come to the conclusion that it just makes sense that I live in Asia. I had preparatory steps along the way that enabled me to make the transition. One of those preliminary steps was my obsession with all things kawaii. I have always loved stationery, Sanrio Surprises, stickers,

Juana Sleeping

What is “Preventive Maintenance”? In a nutshell, it is preserving a thing that is still functioning by regularly examining and making adjustments to it in order to lessen the chances of it breaking down any time soon.   When we get a good night’s sleep, we wake up ready to face a

Juana Scotch Whisky

Whisky is slowly catching on as the drink of choice for many women. I myself love the smoky flavors of a well aged Scotch Whisky, a taste I developed sniffing my dad’s decanters when I was a kid. If you can’t take the heat in the chest of a whisky

Juana Cool Dad

We asked some of the most respected men in the metro to share with us what they love about being a dad.   Seeing my kids experience something for the first time. It’s a great way to relive the wonder in our lives and truly appreciate the small things that make life

juana stay at home dad

My husband Vince and I are both writers. Realizing we have the incredible privilege of choosing where we work, we opted to stay at home while our three sons are young and be their main caregivers. I’m happy to say that in these enlightened times, when many women share the

Juana Dads Gift

Do fathers really receive less gifts than mothers? If not less, dads definitely receive cheaper gifts than mom.   Considering the laid back and relaxed nature of men (in general), it might be safe to conclude that the pressure is off when shopping for fathers. This is unlike gift giving for women

Juana Terror Attacks

Many are still in shock about the heartbreaking Ariana Grande bombing incident in Manchester last month. After all, that could easily have been any of us either attending the concert with our kids or waiting outside the concert hall to pick them up after the show.   Following in the heels of

Juana Burt’s Bees

Finding the perfect lipstick has always been a toss up for me. If its rich and full of color, it tends to dry out your lips. If its glossy and has less color, it wipes away quickly. A long time ago, a make up artist told me to always put


No one really thinks about Fukuoka when planning a trip to Japan. Tokyo and Osaka are the usual suspects but after discovering what Fukuoka has to offer, plans for a return trip are definitely in the works.   Fukuoka is quite the bustling cosmopolitan city. It is also quite the spot for

Juana Job hunting workforce

In 2012, the magazine I edited closed down. The company I worked for said they could find me another spot somewhere but, being a mom of a toddler and an infant, I decided it was time for me to take a break and focus on my babies.   Fast forward to five

Juana Raw Bites

At juana.com.ph, its no secret that we love food.  As the girls and I are always munching on something when we brainstorm,  and I am on a constant search for the next new healthy snack. When a box of Raw Bites arrived in my office, I was excited. My particular

Mom Life Manila

Motherhood alone is trying but when a new culture and a big city are in the mix, there are definitely obstacles to overcome. Being an expat in Manila allows me to see everything with new eyes and since I am in the throes of full time motherhood I get to

Juana Shopping Mom

Shopping for mom is always a unique challenge. How does one choose a gift that is as special as she is? It’s a difficult task but as you shop around looking for that perfect gift, just ask yourself what your mom’s likes and dislikes are. Is there something she’s been

Juana Money Conversion Problem

Moving to a new country is exhilarating. Everything is seen with new eyes. It is exciting but it also comes with a steep learning curve and often a heavy price tag, quite literally.   If you go unscathed from a foreign currency mishap, I salute you. If you are in the boat

Juana Rustans Beauty

The old adage says ‘Beauty is in the eye of the beholder’, and this holds true even more when it comes to motherhood. Sweet innocent children see their mothers as the most beautiful people on earth, while every mother see their children in that loving and special way only a

Juana Moms Dilemma

I’m a mommy who works from home. As a writer and editor, my projects give me a schedule flexible enough to let me spend the first years of motherhood with my three little boys. However, now that my two older boys are in big school, I’ve begun to think of

Juana Jewelry

All women love jewelry. It’s an extension of our self and an expression of our feelings for the day. We can dress ourselves up with designs that are fun, simple, elegant, understated, or even crazy!   It’s all about the ever changing passions and spirit in a woman’s persona.   But one that remains

Juana Best Chocolate Cakes

Dimpy’s Chocolate Cake A classic fudgy and moist chocolate cake with chocolate icing, it is presented as a simple square but it will make every chocolate lover happy. It comes with a tub of caramel sauce that, when drizzled on it, is literally the perfect icing on the cake. Size 9x9 –

Juana_ Amber Manila Essentials

It was warm, the sun had barely crept over the horizon. My eagerness caused the clock to move at a snails pace. I was ready to get out and see our new city.   Our first day in Manila 2009 naturally had to include a mall   The first lesson I needed to learn:

Juana WAHMs tool

Working from home is easier than ever because of one amazing invention: the internet. Add a computer and a smart phone and you can now be one of those people who have built and grown their careers in their living room. You can sell products, offer services, receive payments, negotiate

Juana Best Booking Sites

Booking everything online for travel, is the way to go. While there are many sites that aggregate rooms such as Agoda or Booking.com, for parents with small children or booking several rooms, we have found that booking directly on the hotel’s website is the best bet. Booking directly with the

Juana Dimples Romana Interview

Dimples Romana has evolved through the years from an innocent child entertainer to a serious dramatic actress. We can all learn a thing or two from this lovely lady. Here, she generously speaks about special details of precious family moments with us all. Best of all, she has even more

Juana Beauty products

1.Virgin coconut oil as a body moisturizer   Say goodbye to flaky and dry skin. We’ve discovered that this magic oil really does make your skin smoother and softer. It may feel greasy at first but it is easily absorbed by the skin. Try it at night. Smooth some (and a little

Juana Workouts to try

We all need to shake things up in our workout routines especially when we feel like we are in a rut. When that happens, the best thing you can do for yourself is to try new exercise programs. Mix things up a bit.   Check out the 5 new fitness classes we’ve

Juana Dimples Romana Interview

We’ve grown up together with Dimples ever since she first appeared in a tv show, Esperanza, last 1997. Time flies because today, she’s all grown up.   She has a loving husband and two adorable kids while she continues to hone her craft in the entertainment industry as an actress and host.

Dimples began her career in the public eye when she was just a little girl. She acted in a soap opera called “Esperanza” and she instantly became a household name.   Today, she has her own house which she lovingly turned into a home. She is married with two children and in

Juana Hobby to Business

Hello, my name is Frances and I’m a professional blogger. By professional, I mean it’s a real job. My blog is registered with the DTI and the BIR. I have official receipts. I pay my many taxes. What was once an enjoyable hobby is now a legitimate income-generating venture. I

Juana Bespoke and Beyond

There’s no place like home. We can’t think of a better place to make your own personal statement. This makes your home even more special as everything housed in it reflects your personal taste.   Take your pick from bed and table linens, crystals, trays, and bags. A bland beige placemat is


The holidays will find you spending more and more time in shopping malls or bazaars. The crowds may also bring out thieves and pickpockets. With navigating the crowds, reading your shopping list, keeping your child close, and juggling your shopping bags, you might just be the perfect target. Here are

Juana Jewelry

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Just because we are busy with carpool schedules, baon dilemmas, and other issues while raising our kids doesn’t mean we can’t indulge in shining shimmering objects. Check out these jewelers (who are mostly mothers themselves!) and the pieces they create. You might

Juana Social Media

Admit it. There are many random things that annoy you when you check Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook: Too much selfies from one account or bitter complaints from another. Have you ever wondered if you annoy others with your posts too?   Though we don’t encourage being self-conscious about what to post (after

Juana Thailand Food

Its not everyday that one of Manila's 5 star hotel offers cooking classes by their specialty chefs. The Peninsula Manila will be running a cooking class for Thai food, led by their Thai chef Phaithoon Atthasarn on March 17. This is the first of the Peninsula's planned specialty cooking classes

Juana Coffee Tea

Women are always so busy being wives, mothers, daughters, sisters, businesswomen, the list can go on and on. We may have it all but at the same time, we never have the energy or time for ourselves. By focusing on ourselves, on our own needs and wants, we are working

Juana Beauty Products

    Beauty products can be so confusing especially with the range of products available for women. We constantly ask our selves, “What products do we really need and what can we do without? How much should we even be using? How often should we use them?”   After all the workshops, seminars, and articles

Juana Tea Sets

There is a line in the Filipino play ‘ A New Yorker In Tondo’ wherein Kikay tells her mother off, right after she first arrives from the Big Apple. ‘How many times do I have to tell you, not to serve fruit juice in water glasses?’ Kikay of course, did

Juana Jet Lag

Coping with jet lag is no joke. Instead of feeling refreshed after a vacation, another vacation is usually needed to recover from the first. With lack of sleep, changing time zones, and the whims of your kids, there is the inevitable strain on your mind and body.   Check out our list


Still hungover from Art fair Philippines? Here are our top picks! [video width="1000" height="1000" mp4="https://juana.com.ph/wp-content/uploads/2017/02/JUANA_ISTAVIDEO_01_ART-FAIR-PHILIPPINES-WITH-SCORING-01.mp4"][/video]  

Juana Gift

  Let’s admit it. We love receiving gifts. Check out some of these gorgeous goodies we’ve rounded up for you. Just copy and send the link to the special someone in your life who loves shopping for you. Even better, go treat yourself. Whatever you choose, our picks are guaranteed to

Juana Flowers

  By Maria Parsons   We usually pick flowers because they appeal to us or we just think they are pretty, but did you know that certain flowers symbolize a range of things from long life to magnificence. Certain colors of the same flower can have different meanings, orange lilies symbolize passion whereas

Juana Betrayal Love Peace

  As told to Ana Javelosa Gloria   She is tall and slender, young, immaculate skin and with perfect teeth. She’s a nice girl. She was perfect for the job. I’ll hire her. She plays football, like HIM. They will get along, I thought. So within a few weeks, she was his Marketing

Juana Instagram Photo

Instagram remains to be one of the more popular online photo journals. Though everyone is currently obsessed with perfecting selfies, we are more concerned about taking the perfect shots of our adorable kids, us with the kids, food that our kids eat, places our kids go… you get the picture. Though

Juana Singapore Family

Christmas holidays just ended and though everyone is trying to get back into the daily grind, we can’t help but start planning the next family vacation. Chinese New Year is just around the corner and we suggest Singapore for your next destination! Here is our list of must-visit attractions and activities

Juana Pica Pica

The celebration ain't over yet! Check out these easy-to-whip up recipes and be ready for those pahabol parties and get-togethers. They'll surely be asking for more. 1. Parmesan Chips   Ingredients: 1 cup Parmesan cheese, freshly grated Procedure: Preheat oven to broil (200C/400F) or higher. On a non-stick baking sheet, sprinkle 1 tablespoon of Parmesan cheese

Juana Ex-Wife

My baby boy was barely a year old when my husband told me he no longer loved me because he had fallen in love with someone else. I met my husband through my work colleagues. He was handsome, charming, and literally swept me off my feet. We met in Singapore. After

Juana Family Picture

HOW TO TAKE THE PERFECT FAMILY PICTURE LIKE A PRO   Summer time calls for the perfect family picture and we know how challenging it can be to take the perfect family picture.   Here are some tips that will make things easier when you tell your family to say, “Cheese!”   1.If you plan to

Juana Etiquette Young Men

There are certain things that little boys can learn at a young age that will never get old. In fact, this will set them apart. These are things that can be taught to a child from a young age and stand the test of time. Seeing a little boy practice

Juana Brunch

Who doesn’t love brunch? Everyone is happy when it’s time for brunch. Brunch allows us to wake up a bit later in the weekends and have breakfast food when it’s almost lunchtime, or to have all kinds of food (breakfast, lunch, merienda, and dinner food!) when it isn’t even quite

Juana Baby Products for Adults

Everyone loves a two in one. Check out these products that are great for your kids but work exceptionally well for you too! Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser Adults have been using this since forever so when the pediatrician recommended this for kids too, it was the best news. This is a mild,

Juana Party

Christmas is around the corner and hosting parties will soon be upon you. Here are some tips on how to throw a great house party. Throwing a house party in your turf is the ultimate gathering. Everything is within your control: the guest list, the music, the food and drinks, and

Juana Moms Cut Loose

What do all these places have in common? (No, they don’t all serve alcohol!) Moms can come in, take a break from their mommy duties, enjoy good food and drinks in most of the places, and chat with the gal pals all day! Rocket Room The cozy ambiance makes it an ideal

Juana Coffee drinks top 10

Every mama needs a little help waking up. If you love coffee, here are our top 10 coffee drinks in the metro! 1. UCC's Sumiyaki Bold, deep flavor, and low in acidity. P190.00 2. Toby's Estate's Mocha Toby’s makes the most delicious Mochas that take you to the heart of Sydney in one sip. P160.00 4. Lanai Iced coffee   Made

Juana Maternity Leave

Spending time with your newborn after giving birth are magical times. But you can’t stay away from your job forever and risk losing the regular paycheck that will come in handy to pay for doctor’s check-ups, grocery bills, and cute clothes for the little one. The key to making the most

Juana Chibi Momo

You would be hard pressed not to leave Chibi Momo with something in hand. The premiere multi brand boutique for kids located in Century Mall is a destination in itself. Stocked with brands for children from all over the world, one could build an entire wardrobe plus play room from

Juana Beauty Hacks

Every busy mom feels like a headless chicken when running around trying to manage the household, the children, her husband and work. The last thing a girl wants is to look tired, haggard and like she’s given up. I personally get a few things done to cut prep time and

Juana Pure Beaute

Virgin coconut oil (VCO) has long been hailed as the wonder oil that can fix everything .The range of Pure Beaute toiletries presents VCO in a much more glamorous way, with all the benefits the oil is known for. Gentle and nourishing, the range has no strong scent and is

Juana Eat Organic

While many don't choose to eat 100% organic or don’t believe in it, bottom line is that there are some food that are more susceptible to absorbing chemicals and pesticides more than others. Use the Dirty Dozen and Clean Fifteen to guide you when choosing your produce. Dirty Dozen Peaches Apples