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Prepare to Study Abroad with College Link Quest

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The idea behind College LinkQuest (“CLiQ”) was hatched in 2013.  It was born out of the realization that the U.S. college entrance process heavily favored the high school students from the International schools like ISM and Brent.  Coupled with the fact that the Philippine education system was about to apply the K-12 system, the time was ripe for a program that could assist students from the traditional Philippine schools to bridge the gap towards a quality U.S. college education.


Moreover, while studying further the study abroad options available to Filipino high schools students, CLiQ’s business development pioneers discovered that the great majority — if not all study abroad businesses in the Philippines operate under the “education agency” model. This means that the study abroad agency gets paid by college/university “partners” abroad for every student that they successfully recruit. As a result, the students choice of educational institution is limited only to those colleges and universities willing to pay a commission to the study abroad agency.  Students may end up being enrolled in colleges or universities that do not match their personal and educational needs and preferences. Additionally, the most reputable colleges and universities have no need for an agency’s “help” in recruiting students from abroad, and thus in fact, refuse to deal with such education agencies.  CLiQ had to be different.


CLiQ’s goal was to develop a suitable program that focused on the welfare of the individual student rather than commission-paying college abroad.  The focus needed to be shifted from a school-centered commission scheme to a student-centered program that placed the child’s needs first and foremost.  The college or university abroad needed to match the potential students preferences and needs, not the other way around as dictated by an agency commission scheme.


With this end in mind, CLiQ approached veteran ISM and Brent counselor, Mr. Arnold McKenzie, to share the details and processes derived from his longstanding and vast experience as a guidance counselor for both leading international schools.  Fondly known as “Mr. Mac” by his students, Mr. McKenzie was primarily responsible for the successful placement of thousands of ISM and Brent students into the best U.S. colleges and universities. It was through his initial insight and guidance that CLiQ built up its college preparation and admission services platform.  In fact, Mr. Mac remains on CLiQ’s active advisory council. This council convenes regularly to plot a purposeful and mindful strategy and direction for the company, and to provide professional insight into the counseling service quality and other allied educational matters.  Other members of this council include preeminent psychiatrist and psycho-educational expert, Dr. Lucille Montes, and successful entrepreneur and businessman, Mr. Mario Antoni Salazar.


After a full year tooling the program’s components, the training and development of staff, and infrastructure support systems, the unique CLiQ Program was finally developed and ready for actual implementation.  The CLiQ Program is underpinned by a set of five (5) modules each of which roughly falls under one of CLiQ’s three A’s for successful US College Admission. These are: Assessment, Advice, and Application.


  1. Assessment:


CLiQ Psycho-Educational Assessment Module

With the invaluable assistance and guidance of psychiatrist, noted psycho-educational expert, and CLiQ advisory council member, Dr. Lucille Montes, CLiQ offers a comprehensive and exhaustive battery of assessment tests to provide a detailed insight into the student’s aptitude, IQ, EQ, Career Quotient, and learning style, among other things.  This information may be obtained with the student and their parents as the end-user, but for the most part, the results of the CLiQ Assessment form the basis for the individualized intervention programs designed by CLiQ’s professionals to serve the unique SAT prep, guidance/career counseling, and college matching requirements of each individual CLiQ student.


  1. Advice:


CLiQ Guidance and Career Counseling Module


CLiQ employs a dedicated and licensed College Advisor (guidance counselor) to provide its students with career and guidance counseling that contains the appropriate blend of thoughtful, pragmatic, and scientific insights.  The counseling sessions are meant to guide the student towards the college, course, and career track appropriate for the student based upon their unique academic strengths, personal preferences, career interests, family legacy and other pertinent factors.  When taken in conjunction with the CLiQ Psycho-Educational Assessment Module, the best possible result is achieved due to the detailed and scientific inputs that can be gleaned from the assessment test results interpretation and report.  We also help the students to build up an impressive college admissions resumé.


The students have regular sessions with their personal College Specialist who helps them explore the world of almost boundless career choices available to them with a view towards narrowing their focus to the careers most suited to them.  The College Specialist also assists the students in the detailed research and study of the students’ best college and university choices from among the more than four thousand colleges and universities contained in the CLiQ College database.  The database contains almost—if not all—of the colleges and universities in the United States.  Scholarship and Financial Aid options are studied in depth as well.


CLiQ SAT Proficiency Module

Do you know that Filipino high school students can now use the SAT exam to apply for U.P., De La Salle, and Enderun College? This recent development has caused college-bound students and their parents to consider the SAT for both U.S. and local college admissions. CLiQ has gained an excellent reputation as a reliable and effective provider of SAT Training and development programs using their unique and revolutionary “Test-All-You-Can” System.  With a potential 12% average SAT score increase per two-month cycle from initial baseline measurement to the end of an intensive ten-month program, a fast-growing number of students from both local and international high schools are discovering the benefits of CLiQ’s longer-term SAT training as opposed to the typical eighteen-hour cram programs offered elsewhere.


  1. Application:


CLiQ College Research and Matching Module


The philosophy underlying CLiQ’s mission has always been to provide students with their perfect college/university match. CLiQ developed its own proprietary software towards this end. This automated computer program accepts a student’s standard input data such as GPA and SAT score, plus personal preferences like geographic location, desired course, class size, rural or urban setting, etc., to come up with the U.S. school or schools that match these criteria perfectly. In this manner, the students and their parents can arrive at a thoughtful and more accurate listing of potential U.S. colleges that would accept the students for admission.  Statistical data and probabilities replace guesswork when choosing the right U.S. College.  More importantly, this similarly ensures that the school and the student are not only statistical matches, but matches as well with the student’s personal criteria for choosing a college or university he or she is most comfortable with.


CLiQ Application and Admissions Support Module


The U.S. College application process has a tendency to be tedious. Taken alongside the fact that Grade 12 is one of the most hectic periods in the life of a high-school student, it is understandable that the students and their parents have precious little time to dedicate to this very crucial procedure.  Often, the students must juggle their academic and extra-curricular requirements with local college entrance exams (for fallback purposes), the SATs, and the admissions paperwork and deadlines for 3, 4, 5 or more colleges – sometimes local AND foreign. This would be daunting even if it were not the student’s penultimate year in high school. CLiQ appoints a dedicated College Specialist to each student who acts as each student’s personal admissions guide and repository of all paperwork and calendar deadlines. CLiQ not only assists in organizing the student’s entire college admissions procedures, but also provides the student with invaluable assistance and inputs to ensure that the student utilizes his or her best abilities in writing that winning college admissions essay.


All of these services are available for students in Grade 9, 10, 11, and 12. Because the foundation of CLiQ’s college readiness and admissions program is built upon the U.S. College Board’s milestones and guidelines, the best results are obtained when students are enrolled for the entire program beginning in Grade 9.  The gradual progression ensures maximum results.   The good thing, however, is that when students come in after Grade 9, much of the initial work will be to get the student up to speed and matched up to his or her level in the CLiQ Program.


For a young organization having only recently had its first few graduates under the program, we are proud to have already guided our CLiQ kids towards acceptance at prestigious U.S. colleges and universities such as Fordham, Santa Clara, Boston College, Notre Dame. University of San Francisco, Syracuse University, University of Virginia, Rutgers, Loyola Marymount, and Cedarville.  The list is growing and so are the number of high school students and their parents who have discovered the benefits and advantages of the CLiQ Program.


When we are not busy training high school students in the afternoon, we spend our mornings providing free talks and seminars in local high schools about Career Exploration, College Preparation, Academic Values, Beating the SAT, and other relevant topics.  In our short existence, we have built up a solid reputation in the local high schools due to our close partnership with their individual guidance offices. In fact, a very reputable international schools very recently consulted with us and we provided a well-received hands-on training seminar for their faculty on adjusting their curricula to maximize their students’ SAT results.  We also sponsor a yearly free Guidance Counselor’s Forum, attended by the guidance counselors of all the reputable high schools in the greater Manila area, tackling the latest counseling and academic.  We are currently working on our CES accreditation to provide training and development workshops for high school guidance counselors to obtain required continuing education credits.


Visit http://www.collegelinkquest.com/ for more information


CLiQ Main- Common Goal Tower,  Unit 304, Finance corner Industry Streets, Madrigal Business Park, Ayala Alabang, Muntinlupa City. CLiQ North- 29th Floor, Joy Nostalg Center (Oakwood Premier) 17 ADB Avenue, Ortigas Center, San Antonio, Pasig City


Email inquiries info@collegelinkquest.com


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