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Love Capulong has a unique job. Aside from being a loving wife to Ed and doting mother to Isabella, she is a talent manager in Star Magic and handles some of the brightest stars today. She handles the likes of Vina Morales, Erich Gonzales, Daniel Matsunaga, Joseph Marco, Erik Santos and

Juana Rustans Beauty

The old adage says ‘Beauty is in the eye of the beholder’, and this holds true even more when it comes to motherhood. Sweet innocent children see their mothers as the most beautiful people on earth, while every mother see their children in that loving and special way only a

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Did you observe the noticeable increase in police presence in and around the city over the weekend due to the recent declaration of a “State of Lawlessness” across the nation? This was implemented by the President to combat the acts of terrorism that gripped the city of Davao last Friday. A

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Food allergies are becoming a more common issue to deal with in children growing up today. The changing environment and the way food is produced has a big impact on how food is received by the body. Indications of food allergies include, but are not limited to: rashes and hives,


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As travel season is afoot, we have put together a list of medicines and handy things to take in your travel medicine kit. Many countries don’t allow the purchase of some medicine without a doctor’s receipt so best to have it with you before you leave. We also include some

Juana Vision Express

Screens and gadgets are a part of everyday life, from grandpa to grand child, every is on a gadget at some point in the day. It’s no longer considered taboo for kids to be on their ipads while parents enjoy a quiet meal, or for parents to rely on a

Juana Raw Bites

At juana.com.ph, its no secret that we love food.  As the girls and I are always munching on something when we brainstorm,  and I am on a constant search for the next new healthy snack. When a box of Raw Bites arrived in my office, I was excited. My particular

Juana Beach Life

With the launch of her new venture wheretwofindme.com, designer Rosanna Ocampo- Rodriguez expands her fashion horizon. The online shop features resort ware that she and partner Marielle Santos-Po source from their travels. A lover of the ocean and all things fashionable, Rosanna is, above all things a devoted mother of



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