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Juana.com.ph is a lifestyle journal that uplifts the modern woman, curated by Juana Manahan Yupangco, editor-in-chief and brand champion. Together with editor Ana Javelosa-Gloria and a contributing team comprised of experts and “everyday influencers”, Juana is a platform for well-informed articles and features by women, for women.

The Team

Juana Yupangco
Juana Manahan Yupangco
Editor In Chief

Juana Manahan Yupangco is the Editor In Chief of Juana.com.ph. Having worked in publishing for 12 years, she ventures into the exciting world of digital publishing. A writer at heart, she is also a contributing editor for the parenting section at the Philippine Daily Inquirer’s Lifestyle section, and maintains a blog that documents her hobby, Wine-Lips.com. She loves to cook and as much as possible, cooks all her family’s meals. Above all, she is the loving wife to Rick and mother to Jaime and Rosanna.

Juana Ana Javelosa Gloria
Ana Javelosa-Gloria
Director of Content

A lawyer in her former life, finding inspiration in life is a big part of who Ana is. She nurtured her desire to learn, share, and inspire by writing for several magazine publications and then eventually becoming the Editor In Chief of Junior Magazine and the Features Editor of Baby Magazine. She adores her family and her circles of friends are just too fun! People’s unique stories and the feasts for the senses life bring inspire her too. In Juana.com.ph , Ana transforms her observations and experiences into feature articles and content.


Juana Frances Sales
Frances A. Sales

Frances Sales is a writer and editor who works from home so she can be with her husband, writer Vince Sales, and their three little boys, Vito, Iñigo and Piero. She blogs about her life as a working mama at TopazHorizon.com.

Juana_ Amber Manila Essentials
Amber Folkman

Amber Folkman is a transplant from Seattle and calls Manila home. Being here long term, Amber has settled with her husband and have grown their family with three boys. Amber has made it a personal mission to get everyone to thrive in Manila by sharing her positive perspective through Instagram and her blog, AMommAbroad.com.