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All About Water

Juana About Water

The body is made up of around 60% water, so why don’t we pay enough attention to the water that we drink? Today, more than ever, there are different kids of water on the market that nourish our bodies. Not all water is created equally! Read on to find out the different kinds of water and their purposes.

Distilled water


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The process of distillation is kills the most impurities and inorganic compouds  found in water. The process involves boiling the water then collecting the steam in a clean container. Most inorganic contaminants are killed off in this process, but at the same time there are no nutrients left in the water. In fact, there are studies that show that drinking distilled water cleans out the body very thoroughly, which is why body builders drink this kind of water before a competition to avoid the bloat and instead achieve tighter looking muscle tone. Distilled water is also recommended for those doing water fasts as it flushes out impurities from the body. However, drinking distilled water is not recommended for a long period of time as it can possibly strip your body of nutrients.

Brands: Absolute, Wilkins

Purified water


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Purified water and filtered water are not the same. Purified water is achieved through an additional purifying process – usually through reverse osmosis, deionization or carbon filtration. The pH of purified water is usually a neutral level, making it safe for the body. Purified water is the water of choice for mixing infant formula because it is the cleanest and not ‘dead’ as opposed to distilled water.

Brands: Magnolia

Mineral Water


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Mineral water comes from natural mineral springs and contains salts, sulfur compounds and various minerals. These properties are thought to hydrate the body best as the natural salts that are needed in the body are replaced. This kind of water also tends to be among the more expensive types of water  one can buy as they are bottled from a geologically protected water source. Mineral water is also pH neutral.

Brands: Evian, Fiji, Volvic

Alkaline Water


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Alkaline water  has recently become a popular kind of water due to studies which show that cancer cells cannot survive in an alkaline environment but thrive in an acidic environment. Alkaline water is achieved through a machine where water is filter and ionized to bring the alkaline level up. Water is also filtered and purified through this machine.

Brands: Alkalife by Family Mart

Machines: Kangen, KYK

Hydrogen Water


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The latest type of water to become popular is Hydrogen water. The reason why hydrogen water is getting so much attention is because hydrogen slows down the oxidation of our bodies. Oxidation happens when oxygen is combined with another element and it changes the appearance of an object. The result of oxidation is the aging appearance of our physical bodies.

Izumio is a brand of hydrogen water. It contains dissolved hydrogen. Hydrogen is not an alien part of our life even if we hardly hear about it. Hydrogen is actually very familiar in our life. It just so happens that we are all more familiar with Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide.

To get a clear picture: Rapid oxidation happens when something is burning. Slow oxidation happens when something is rusting.

The hydrogen in the water acts as powerful antioxidants in our bodies. By drinking hydrogen water, our cells are able to absorb the molecules of the water more deeply because they are so small.

Drinking hydrogen water has been linked to lubricating our muscle and joints, increases brain alertness, and aiding circulation and digestion among other things. The glass of water containing hydrogen fuels the body to take action and to protect it from disease and degeneration.

Brands: Izumio


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