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Beauty Hacks for the Busy Woman

Juana Beauty Hacks

Every busy mom feels like a headless chicken when running around trying to manage the household, the children, her husband and work. The last thing a girl wants is to look tired, haggard and like she’s given up. I personally get a few things done to cut prep time and getting ready in half. Getting these things done also serves as my me time.

Brazilian Blow Out
Created to reduce frizz and tame hair, the Brazilian Blow Out removes the need of a taxing blow dry session of struggling with a brush.  Hair can be towel dried or rough dried with a blow drier and a few strokes of the brush and hair comes out perfect.

TIP: Avoid the too-straight-look by asking the technician doing your hair to only go over your hair twice if you have medium-wavy hair – its less obvious still looks natural.

Brazilian Blow Out at Creations by Lourd Ramos
Ground floor Somerset Olympia, Makati Avenue
Tel no: 551-7491

Gel Nail Polish
Gel nail polish has gotten a bad rap for ruining your nails, leaving them brittle and yellow. I personally have never had this experience as it all comes down to the quality of gel polish used and the skill of the technician. I use gel nail polish when I know I have a busy few weeks ahead filled with work meetings, parent rep meetings at my kids’ school and events to attend. Having well manicured nails helps keep you looking like you are put together despite your mind running a mile a minute. I have also used gel polish when travelling and in the three years I have been doing this for travel, I only had my nail polish chip once – and only due to the fact that I used my nail to force open a zipper (don’t do that).

Favorite places to get gel nail polish are:

Emphasis Salon
Ground floor Joya building, Rockwell
Tel no: 4030117

Tips and Toes
Click the link for their list of branches.

Keeping your brows well groomed and in a flattering shape ensures that make up application moves along faster as brows frame the face.

Browhaus Manila
Click the link for their list of branches.

Stay in shape: Electric Studio Indoor cycling
When a week is particularly busy, I look forward to my time at my spinning class. Strangely enough, the party like atmosphere of Electric studio allows my mind to zone out and for 45 minutes, concentrate on me. The fast paced work out burns anywhere from 300-500 calories and is a full body workout.

TIP: Electric studio offers 6:30 AM, 8:30 AM and 12:30 PM classes so you can work out in between errands. Visit their newly opened Salcedo studio which includes a spacious shower room so you can get ready for work right after.

Electric Studio Indoor cycling

  • 8 Forbestown, Taguig, Metro Manila, Philippines
    Tel no: 833 6051
  • Ground Floor, Two Central Building, 107 Valero St., Salcedo Village, Makati, 1227 Metro Manila, Philippines
    Tel no: 956 3537

Firm Plus
Belo offers a non invasive face firming treatment called the Firm Plus. It helps keep you looking rested and refreshed. Essential for the tired mom. Best of all, it only takes 30 minutes!

Belo Medical Group


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