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Beauty: A Mother’s Heart

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The old adage says ‘Beauty is in the eye of the beholder’, and this holds true even more when it comes to motherhood. Sweet innocent children see their mothers as the most beautiful people on earth, while every mother see their children in that loving and special way only a mother can. The kind of love that blossoms with the birth of a child is something that cannot be explained, but a moment captured in a beautiful portrait, where emotions speak louder than words, comes quite close.  For Mother’s Day this year, Baby, Rustan’s Beauty has partnered with Juana.com.ph and celebrity lensman Paolo Pineda to capture special moments between a mother and her children. We asked each woman, ‘What is the most beautiful thing about being a mother?’



Juana Rosana Ocampo Rodriguez

Rosanna Ocampo Rodriguez and daughter Alessia

The arrival of Alessia Martina was a true blessing for fashion designer Rosanna Ocampo Rodriguez. Finally, the designer, famous for her uniquely fierce and feminine silhouettes, had a mini me to pass her brilliant fashion sense on to. Rosanna’s son, Alejandro also benefits from Rosanna’s fashion savvy, as he and his sister are always decked out in fashion forward bespoke outfits created by their talented mother.  Rosanna balances life as a busy designer and a hands on mother with ease, often inviting the little ones to play at her atelier when things aren’t too busy.
“My heart grows exponentially everyday- and instinctively develops a kind of selflessness that allows me to go over and above myself without question for my child. I believe you never truly know the meaning of love and your capacity for it until you become a mother. It is certainly a challenging task, but also the most rewarding.”


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Juana Mikaela Lagdameo Martinez

Mikaela Lagdameo Martinez
Noelle, 13, Tyler 8 and Maxen, 10months old


Retail specialist Mikaela Lagdameo Martinez has her hands full these days with the youngest of her brood, Maxen who arrived eight years after her son Tyler. ‘Everything is completely different now, I had to get a whole new set of things!”, says Mika. Mika is not just one of the prettiest faces in the modeling industry, but has a successful career as a buyer for SSI.  She now doubles the work load as a successful blogger and influencer, but manages to do super human multi tasking- just check out her Instagram feed! After all, she has always been a career woman. At the same time, she is involved in every aspect of her children’s lives. Watching Mika and her three kids together, it is evident that the element of teamwork is ingrained in them. Noelle is an extension of Mika, as Noelle is old enough to babysit her youngest brother. She is growing up beautifully and like any tween loves hair, make up and fashion. Tyler is an active eight year old who will undoubtedly grow up to be a charmer. The two older siblings take turns helping the very hands on Mika entertain baby Maxen.

She says, ‘One of the most beautiful things about being a mother is that you are never alone! You’ve got the best team behind you forever.’ What a wonderful team indeed.


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Juana Stephanie Zubiri- Crespi

Stephanie Zubiri- Crespi

As a mother to two wonderful boys, Stephanie is the queen of her castle. Her boys Sebastian and Maximilian absolutely adore her and this is evident every time you see them together. The very busy multi-hyphenated Stephanie is a writer, blogger, television host and chef, is, above all things, one of the most hands on mothers around. She balances motherhood and all her work so effortlessly, and still manages to be a doting wife to husband Jonathan. “Being able to see the world through your children’s eyes. Once while stuck in traffic my son pointed to an old antenna on a building and said, ‘Look, mama! It’s the Eiffel Tower!’ The most beautiful thing about being a mother is to be able to see the world with the same innocence and magic as your children, even for just a brief moment. They are a constant reminder of how beautiful life can be.”

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Juana Katrina Lobregat

Katrina Lobregat

Katrina is a dedicated and affectionate mother to her brood of four children. She says, “The most beautiful thing about being a mother is experiencing raw, pure, and authentic unconditional love. There is something spiritual and healing that comes with loving our kids this way despite the challenges, the sacrifices, the exhaustion and sometimes the losing of oneself often in order to raise our kids. Motherhood challenges you to push self-limiting beliefs. All in all, I absolutely love being a mother despite the insanity. I feel like my kids intrinsically make me strive to be a better human being. They are exhausting but love is exhausting.” From her words, motherhood is a beautiful ride, one that she never wants to end. Kat knows that yes, there are many ups and downs but she’s there to help usher another human being, her offsprings, through the winding paths of life. As she gives them the means to experience every beautiful, messy, awesome, and heartbreaking moment, she sees in her children that life is truly worth living.

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Juana Manahan-Yupangco

Juana Manahan-Yupangco

Never was there a more devoted and loving mother than Juana Yupangco. The second she held her firstborn, she embraced motherhood with all her heart and never looked back. As we all know, motherhood changes a woman and always beyond better. Being a mother means constantly thinking about your children over yourself. It is a genuine reflection of humanity, expressed in the loving relationship of a mother and her children. With the children constantly growing and evolving, they are nourished with all the love, pain, and happiness life has to offer. Nowhere is that more apparent than in Juana’s day to day life. She constantly shares facets of herself as a mother while at the same time working as an editor and writer. She says, “The most beautiful thing about motherhood is watching my children grow up and model their lives after me. I also know we will always love each other unconditionally.” With the love she surrounds her family with, we see that there is real beauty in motherhood. And it’s a beauty worth sharing.

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Juana Georgia Schulze del Rosario

Georgia Schulze del Rosario

As a mother to four girls, Georgia’s job is cut out for her. Raising girls goes along side by side with strength, passion, humility, and of course, complete and utter love. Having children gives you no choice but to be brave because you have to be brave as a parent. You see your heart outside of you. It is seeing another life as part of yourself too. As she travels her path of love and acceptance, she shapes a different future not only for herself but for her daughters. Georgia says, “The most beautiful thing about being a mother is that it humanizes you extremely allowing you to feel every emotion to its highest degree – sheer joy, utter frustration and exhaustion, complete happiness, immense guilt and the constant need to question yourself, humbling gratitude and everything in between. But through the laughter and the tears, the smiles and the sighs, you no longer question your purpose and coming to this realization is probably the most beautiful thing ever.” All journeys of mothers are unique to themselves but undoubtedly, motherhood is one of the most transformative occurrences and Georgia commits herself to her daughters unconditionally.

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