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What is the coolest thing being a Dad?

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We asked some of the most respected men in the metro to share with us what they love about being a dad.


Seeing my kids experience something for the first time. It’s a great way to relive the wonder in our lives and truly appreciate the small things that make life meaningful. – Robby Galang


Being a teacher, a mentor, and a best friend all at the same time! – Arnold Cabangon


Aside from keeping me in my ex-wife’s good graces (haha!), it’s great to see my kids grow from babies, to toddlers and now to teenagers and to see how they are all responsible, hardworking, and generally good people. – Stephen Cowl


I get to see little bits of me in each of my children as a father who was once a child and it’s kind of full circle cool. Also, I get to say my daddy jokes without fear of judgment. – Shannon Uy


The coolest thing about being a dad is how my kids think I’m so cool and they openly say I’m their idol but, in truth, I idolize them – how wonderful they are, how much they make me so proud, and how much they continually amaze the heck out of me even just by the simplest things. When I come home and with one smile from them, it amazes me each time that they can make all the day’s worries go away and the world is so much better again! – Mikkel Paris


I am more than happy to be blessed with two wonderful children. It is a joy and a blessing in itself to see them grow up to become responsible and happy adults! – Alfred Wieneke


The coolest thing about being a dad is having 2 mini me-s. I look forward to each morning because I know that I’m going to wake up and get to see my two twerps, I mean kids! – Raffy Garcia


The coolest thing about being a dad is:

  • seeing my kids grow up and exceed all my expectations of them
  • when my kids still want to curl up in our bed at night
  • when they beat me and my wife in sports
  • when they win a medal or trophy, no matter how big or how small the tournament is, and I see the smile on their faces.

-Edgar Gatchalian


Hearing my words from my 10 year old daughter as she reprimands, guides, and corrects her 5 year old brother. It’s like listening to myself! – Felipe Ramirez


As a dad with two sons, it is amazing to see how the same level of love and attention leads to boys being so similar, yet so different at the same time. To be there to witness the various stages of development – from infant to now young adult (with the attendant mood swings fueled by raging hormones!) – is both exciting and poignant. It’s cool to be their cheerleader and consoler, the papa grizzly looking after the welfare of his cubs with the wisdom born of experience, and seeing how they deal with situations using guides that their old man shared with them. The coolest thing about being a dad is to know that one has raised responsible boys, with the right mix of naughty and nice. – Teddy Padilla


I love witnessing what my two young daughters are constantly up to, whether it’s conversing with each other, diving into the pool, or receiving medals in school. I am perpetually amazed that these two incredible girls with hearts of gold are my kids. – Andrew Gloria


The coolest thing is that I don’t need much to keep me entertained during the weekends. A simple day spent by the pool with my family or a quick jaunt out of town is all that’s needed to recharge my batteries. – Marco Rodriguez


The coolest thing about being a dad is being able to crack the silliest jokes to my kids and getting the obligatory laugh from them even though the joke wasn’t so funny! Also, getting the morning hugs ala rugby tackle altogether from all 4 of my kids is the best. – AP Bartolome


The coolest thing about being a dad is that you get to be a super hero to your son or a knight in shining armor to your daughter. They look at you with such adoring and innocent eyes and take every word you say as gospel truth. Clearly, there is an obligation to lead by example. – Rick Yupangco


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