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Do dads receive less gifts than mom?

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Do fathers really receive less gifts than mothers? If not less, dads definitely receive cheaper gifts than mom.


Considering the laid back and relaxed nature of men (in general), it might be safe to conclude that the pressure is off when shopping for fathers. This is unlike gift giving for women where gifts tend to be more luxurious especially during Mother’s Day.


Gifts for mom can include jewelry, cosmetics, purses, flowers, and other items that are admittedly on the pricey side. Even a meal has to be in a fancy restaurant. After all, if you give mom something below her standards, you’ll risk hurting her feelings, disappointing her, and she’ll be sure to let you know about it.


Gifts for fathers usually include Tshirts, gift certificates for coffee, a spa or gym visit, or treating him to a good meal. The meal doesn’t even have to be in a fancy restaurant but it has to be a good (aka hearty) meal.


Dads seem to be easier to shop for. Gifts that range from a sports cap to a new sauce for his steaks make him very happy. Give him boxer shorts with funny prints and he’s still going to like them. All in all, no matter how simple the gift, smiles are usually genuine after ripping wrappers or reading cards.


Here are some reasons that may explain the seeming inequality of shopping for dads:


  1. Dads are essentially the providers in the family. Dads may also be uncomfortable or unaccustomed to be on the receiving end of lavish gifts bought by family members with their hard earned money. One common answer that dads give when asked about what they want is, “Don’t buy me anything. Just save your money.”


  1. The things dads most likely want for themselves are usually out of everyone’s budget, like a new car, a new set of golf clubs, or a month long trip abroad. Other things they also want are usually intangible like getting their kids into the best schools or making sure their kids get good jobs.


  1. Dads know what they want. Unlike women who like to try new things, dads are picky about their stuff. Try giving him a bottle of expensive scotch from Scotland and watch him exchange it for the brands he is familiar with.


  1. Dads usually don’t mention what they are secretly pining for unlike moms who constantly talk (or give hints) about her favorite flowers or perfume, the brands of purses, dresses, or shoes she saw at the mall, or even the newest restaurant in town opened by a rockstar chef.


  1. Dads don’t really give that much importance to the occasion and certainly don’t give those special days in the calendar the emotional importance that moms give it. Luckily for women, dads seem more inclined to go all out to spoil and pamper the women in their lives, thus spending more for them.


In the end, dads don’t care if they are given a Tshirt that says “I love steak”. They are just happy that their kids remember them and that they are acknowledged on the one day in the year that is all about them. After all, raising thoughtful kids is one thing any father would want.


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