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Dimples Romana: Family and Fame

Juana Dimples Romana Family

Dimples Romana has made her mark as a television personality, host and endorser. However it is her role as a devoted wife and mother where she shines the most. The big age gap between daughter Callie and son Alonzo also puts her in a unique position as a mother to a teen and toddler. Read on as Dimples shares insights on family and fame.

What was the biggest challenge of having a daughter at a young age?

Not everyone understood. There was a lot of pressure because all eyes were on me if I’ll be fit to be a good mom. Our society tend to frown upon young moms and doubt their ability to take care of their kids


What’s the best thing about having a ‘big’ girl who seems like your BFF? Most difficult thing?

We share everything from things to secrets. She’s so comfortable telling me everything and I like that and cherish it. The most difficult thing is drawing the line between friendship and parenting. Sometimes they think they can do certain things because you’ll understand as a friend. But I am a parent to her before anything else and I remind her of that every so often.

How are you different as a mother to Alonzo than you were to Callie?

With Callie I was struggling to adjust from being just a wife to a mom. Back then there weren’t as many tools for moms as we have now. With Alonzo I’m more confident and sure.

How do you balance work and parenting?

Taking one day at a time. Each day throws a different challenge in keeping everything in check. I’m so grateful for having the best people around me who makes everything a tiny bit easier for me to do all my duties. Having a rule of focusing only in the now also helps. When I’m at work I focus on work but when I’m with the kids, I make sure to put away my phone and really be with them and give them my full attention.

Favorite family activity?

Baking. Cooking and eating.

How does Boyet compliment you as a parent?

Boyet knows when to be the bad cop and the good cop. He brings so much balance in my life. In the areas of my weaknesses and shortcomings as a parent, he fills in the gap.


Can you share with us a favorite recipe or home-making tip?

Adobo. Make it with love. Experiment with it and make it a family recipe and tradition.

What’s the most important thing you want your kids to learn?


How do you spend time with your husband? How long have you been married?

13 years. We like to cook together and feed our families and friends.

Do your kids know you are a celebrity? What do they think?

Yes. She thinks it’s awesome but she’s a bit protective of family time. When we go out, she wants me all to herself.

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