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Etiquette for Young Men

Juana Etiquette Young Men

There are certain things that little boys can learn at a young age that will never get old. In fact, this will set them apart. These are things that can be taught to a child from a young age and stand the test of time. Seeing a little boy practice these things to become a little gentleman is priceless.


  • Ladies first- always a must for gentlemen.
  • Holding the door open for ladies: He practices on mom, grandma and his little sister.
  • Walk on the outside of the road : When walking along a street, a gentleman walks closer to the street. Don’t let a little kid do this, but you can tell him.
  • Hold out the chair for a lady.


  • Stand up when a lady comes into a room, or joins the table.
  • Offer to foot the bill. It doesn’t matter if the woman or girl says yes, the offer should always be there.
  • Take a lady to the car or to the door.
  • Wait for the lady you have just taken out to be safely in her residence before leaving
  • Do not curse.


  • Remove your hat and sunglasses when indoors.
  • Wait for others to get their food before you start to eat.
  • Offer your arm to a lady you are walking with. This does not mean holding hands, but meant as a gesture to help.
  • Give your seat up for a lady or elderly person.


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