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Every Juana: Raising Stars

Juana Raising Stars Celebrity

Love Capulong has a unique job. Aside from being a loving wife to Ed and doting mother to Isabella, she is a talent manager in Star Magic and handles some of the brightest stars today. She handles the likes of Vina Morales, Erich Gonzales, Daniel Matsunaga, Joseph Marco, Erik Santos and Andrei Felix. It takes a big heart and lots of love to go around to do her job and make sure her family thrives. Read on to find out how she does it. 

What is the most challenging thing about being a manager?

Being able to attend to all the needs of my artists, all at the same time.

What is the most rewarding thing about your job? What are the great perks?

The most rewarding thing about this job is being able to help my artists make their  dreams come true. Travel can be considered one of the perks of the job.

Describe a typical day for you.

I wake up at 4AM to prepare breakfast and my daughter’s baon.  We have breakfast together, then my husband and I bring Isabella to school. I go back home,sleep for a few hours then get ready for work. At the office, it’s paperwork, meetings, answering emails and text messages, coordinating schedules and sometimes attending events with my artists. When I get home, I check Isabella’s homework before going to bed at about 12MN or 1AM.

How do you balance work/ life especially when your schedule works around another persons? How do you spend time with the family?

It’s difficult to plan family vacations in advance because you don’t really know if you need to be working somewhere.

And it’s very difficult to spend quality time with my family when I have to check my phone for messages all the time. We are not allowed to turn off our phones and we are expected to answer messages promptly.  So I’ve learned the art of multi-tasking. And I make it a point to take the weekends off so my family and I can do things together.

To what extent are you involved in the artists life? Is this a challenge to your personal life?

Our job as talent managers have gone beyond attending to merely the professional needs of our artists. Because of the kind of trust relationship that we have with them, their personal lives have also become our business to some extent. Could be about bank matters, dental or Derma appointments, arranging PTCs with their kids’ school and even arranging funeral services for their family. We really try to help in every way we can. It’s challenging because I also have my own personal concerns to take care of, being a mother and a wife. But I’ve learned to balance, compartmentalize and prioritize. I guess it helps that my husband also works for the same company, so he understands the nature and demands of my job.

I am their shock-absorber, sounding board, drunk-dial-go-to-person. If they are right,  I will fight for what’s right, with them and for them. But if they’re wrong, I am also quick to call their attention.

Please share a fond memory of the artists you handle.

There are too many to mention… But travelling together and living together 24/7  when we are out of the country on tour, really creates a special bond between us.

Out of the artists you handle, who have you seen grow the most (can be someone who started very young, or someone not famous for a long time then sky rocketed)?

Among all the artists I currently handle, I guess it would have to be Vina. Shortly after she joined Star Magic, she got pregnant with Ceana. We had several shows lined up that time which required her to dance and she would pray and talk to her baby to just hang on. It’s not been easy for her but I’d like to believe she has become a stronger and a wiser woman and she tries very hard to be a good mother to Ceana, after everything that’s happened to her.

How do you impart motherly advice to your artists?

I am always just here to support them and to help them if they need anything. I am also always ready to listen to what they have to say and give comfort when they feel depressed or disappointed. I am their shock-absorber, sounding board, drunk-dial-go-to-person. If they are right,  I will fight for what’s right, with them and for them. But if they’re wrong, I am also quick to call their attention.



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