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What the Expanded Maternity Leave Law Will Give

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Let’s all admit it, a 60-day maternity leave isn’t enough for new moms to heal, recuperate, and bond with their newborns. It’s just too short. This is the reason why the government is constantly seeking to increase the maternity leave of Filipino mothers.

Senate Bill No. 2982 otherwise known as the “Expanded Maternity Leave Law of 2016” aims to give mother more time to focus on their pre and post-natal health care needs and of course, time to spend with their newborns.

Here’s what is in store for all the moms once the bill has been passed into law:

1. An extended paid maternity leave. Mothers can now enjoy 100 days off of work to be able to spend more time with the new baby.

2. There’s an option of extending the said leave to up to 30 days. Note that this extension is without pay and should be filed 45 days before the end of the mother’s ordinary maternity leave.

3. Regardless of the way the mother delivered her baby (normal or caesarian), the benefits will stay the same.

4. Mothers who are working for private sectors shall be paid both by Social Security System (SSS) and their private employers. They also have to make sure that the new mother receive not less than 2/3 of their regular monthly salary.

5. There should be no change in existing pregnancy benefits once the bill has been passed.

6. Secured tenure. This means that the mother cannot be demoted. A transfer to a parallel position or reassignment from one organizational unit to another in the same company is possible as long as it does not reduce the mother’s rank, status, or salary.

As of March 6, the 120 day Expanded Maternity Leave has passed in the Senate!


Written by Imari Faye G. Casama


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