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Feeling Good in the Hospital Postpartum

Juana Hospital postpartum

Having a baby is the most exciting time in a mom’s life, aside from the essentials, here are a few suggestions to make your days in the hospital room a little more homey and pleasant

1. Robe: Bring your favorite robe to the hospital to feel fresh when you receive guests. Hospital robes are less than flattering

2. Toiletries: Freshen up before and after with your favorite scents

3. Going home clothes: Pack a loose dress, shirt or maternity pants for your ride home

4. Baby’s clothes: His first ever outfit will be well documented so choose well! Make sure you have a little hat to keep his head warm

5. Swaddling cloths: Swaddling keeps baby cozy for their first ride home. Some moms choose to use their own swaddling cloths when rooming in too!

6. Scented candles: Candles create a homey feel to a drab hospital room

7. Bottled water: Hospital water tastes a little funky. You will be thirsty all the time as soon as you start breastfeeding!

8. Healthy snacks:  Hospital food isn’t exactly fresh so stock up on fruit and vegetables to snack on in between meals

9. Breast pump:  There are different ideas as to when to start pumping. But having the pump on standby is a good idea so you don’t have to wait your turn for the one in the nursery in case you need to use it

10. Lamp: Adding a bedside lamp with a yellow light adds warmth to a cold hospital room. No one ever looks good with overhead white light so adding a warm light will soften everything and enhance the post partum glow.


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