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Get Rid of Your Aches and Pains Now!

Juana Aches Pains

After having kids, I noticed more aches and pains come out. Maybe it was the fatigue from having a new born, breast feeding, pumping plus falling asleep in weird positions. I started working out when I was cleared and just didn’t feel the same. Old injuries plus new aches started surfacing. I tried several methods- chiropractor, massages, Karada…all only gave temporary relief.

I went to complimentary medicine specialist Miguel del Prado who practices the Dorn method. Developed around the time of the Second World war, the Dorn method, unlike other myotherapy ( muscle therapy) which pulls apart or softens muscles, the Dorn method pushes them back together. I went to Miguel 2 years ago and its only two weeks ago that I needed to see him again. I was happy to learn that he has taken on a partner- another Miguel, Miguel Abelardo, who also holds clinic at St. Luke’s Global. Two years of not getting adjusted back in my body’s right places certainly added up. I’ve also gotten busier. More work, bigger kids to carry, different more strenuous workouts had taken a toll on me. Plus, I do all my writing in bed on a 4 pillows while lying down, which is apparently the worst thing I can do.

At first, you aren’t really sure what will happen. Is it a massage? Neck cracking? The method is a gentle one where they press on certain pressure points and push and stretch parts of the body. After 45 minutes to an hour of this, you feel like a brand new person. They were able to get rid of my ITB problem that had been bothering me for a year as well as fix my stiff back and neck. I felt my foot where my ITB was bothering me feel like pins and needles. I saw Miguel Ablelardo that week and he said that this was blood flowing down to my legs properly. Gosh, two years without proper blood flow? He pressed a part of my back and I felt something like an electric current. A weird sensation, but he told me to relax. Turns out, he had released a part of my lower back and hip that had been causing me pain. He also got rid of the pains in my hand from tennis elbow/ carpal tunnel that came with not being so good at tennis plus lots of time on the computer. Finally, he fixed my back and neck. I walked out of there a new person without the bruises or aches that sometimes come after a hard massage.  Fully adjusted, I felt fantastic.

Feeling like you- a better version of you sans aches and pains is what everyone needs to be the best they can be.

Book your appointment at St. Lukes Global City 789-7700 local 6051. You can also contact Tessa at the Complementary Medicine at 0998-586-8910


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