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Go On With GOO.N

Juana GOON Diapers

Babies love to see, smell, hear, taste, and feel the world around them. But as any mom knows, their diapers can slow them down, and in turn, can slow parents down as well. When it comes to your baby, let your little one keep on moving without the discomfort with GOON Diapers!


GOON Diapers is a leading diaper brand in Japan and Southeast Asian countries like Thailand, Myanmar and Indonesia, and is now in the Philippines through One-Stop Distribution Inc (ODI), a distribution company known for bringing premier brands in the country.


“Japan is known for its cutting-edge technology when it comes to their products, and diapers are no exception. We are thrilled to bring GOON Diapers to the Philippine market. Its affordable price points will make sure that we can bring these superior-quality diapers closer to Filipino families, so infants and toddlers can enjoy the best of their surroundings, while parents relish in quality time without worrying about their babies’ comfort.” says Jesse Ho-Maxwell, President & CEO of One-Stop Distribution, Inc.


GOON Diapers give the best diaper technology and offers the best comfort for babies as they grow from newborn to toddler. Its ultra absorbent core and super soft, dry and breathable outer sheets wick moisture away from your child’s skin and allows your baby to move freely! With Goon, babies can experience uninterrupted sleep and more active playtime. Moms need not worry about having to change diapers all the time nor feel anxious that their babies will get messy leakage or diaper rash.


Sisters Jessica Kienle-Maxwell and Stephanie Kienle-Gonzalez, GOON Diapers’ newest brand ambassadors, are ideal examples of moms on-the-go. As these well-known designer duo lead hectic schedules, making time for both their families and their careers can be quite a challenge.


“Motherhood is such a life-changing experience. Your priorities and your values change, and ultimately, you just want the best for your baby. When I first had my child, juggling my work and parenting together was tough. But as I learned along the way, choosing high-quality diapers was so important for my baby’s welfare and makes my job a lot easier,” shares Steph “And now that Jess has just given birth, I can’t wait to share more of my parenting tips and experience motherhood together with her!”


GOON offers premium (Goon Premium) and economy (Goon Friends) diapers. Each one comes in pants and tape variants depending on your child’s needs.


Give your little one the freedom to move around and play to his/her heart’s desire, like all babies should. Connect with your baby and teach them all about the world they live in. Go on, and feel free with GOON Diapers!


For more information, visit @GoonDiaperPH on Facebook and @goonphilippines on Instagram.


Goon Diapers are available in all leading supermarkets and comes in different sizes from Newborn to XXXL.



About ODI: OneStop Distribution is a private corporation engaged in Marketing, Importation, and Distribution of superior quality food and non-food products. It is a member of Magsaysay Transport and Logistics Group.


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