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The Happiness and Weight Loss Connection

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There is incredible pressure when trying to lose weight. Whether it is pressure from the friends, from media or from deep within, the strain can take its toll and distract from the end goal.


To make things more difficult, the mind plays many tricks: how the body is erroneously viewed as “fat” whenever observed in the mirror, or how much guilt is piled on a plate during a dinner party, or even the obsession of working out every single day to make up for last night’s indulgence.  It seems like there is only room for guilt, self-loathing, and pessimism. What happened to happiness and inner peace?


Losing weight doesn’t have to be so miserable. Here is what it takes to lose weight while staying happy during the process.


  1. Stay Positive


There will always be setbacks when traversing the often frustrating road of weight loss. It may seem like your favorite ice cream is in every corner or you start making excuses instead of exercising.


It’s important to set positive and realistic goals. Don’t aim to lose 7 pounds in a week. One pound a week is pretty good and you will feel fantastic if you end up losing two without even meaning to. If you don’t lose any pounds, don’t be so hard on yourself. Take a look at your lifestyle and workout and tweak it up a bit. There is no set formula. Having a positive attitude throughout will be a big help to keep you on course.


  1. Love your workout


If you are doing something you hate, stop immediately. You may think the brutal workouts are the best to burn fat but if it leaves you feeling resentful, burned out, or even physically injured, it is useless.


Look forward to your workouts. Choose one (or several!) that boosts your spirits. Mix it up! If lifting weights makes you feel empowered, go for it! If Zumba dancing gives you a happy pill, keep on dancing!


  1. Everything in moderation


Removing an entire food group from your diet and depriving yourself is a major cause for frustration. Unless you are allergic to something, eating food in moderation is healthier for your wellbeing. Some lechon and cake during a birthday party will not break the weighing scale. As you make living and eating healthy your lifestyle, choosing the right food will become habitual. You will discover that mindless snacking as well as oily and sugary food are no longer as pleasurable as they once were.


Exercising several hours a day for several days a week may not be the best thing either. Though it is important to be consistent with exercise, give your body time to rest and grow stronger. Read here on why getting enough sleep is crucial for our bodies.


  1. Be supportive


Giving and receiving support is important for weight loss goals. Talk to your friends who are into living healthy. Make plans to visit the gym together or to run around the park. Exchange recipes. Order wisely when dining out together. If you are inspired by other people, you never know, you may be inspiring someone else with your workouts and habits!


See you at the gym!


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