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Top 10 Coffee Drinks to Start Your Day

Juana Coffee drinks top 10

Every mama needs a little help waking up. If you love coffee, here are our top 10 coffee drinks in the metro!

1. UCC’s Sumiyaki

Bold, deep flavor, and low in acidity. P190.00

2. Toby’s Estate’s Mocha

Toby’s makes the most delicious Mochas that take you to the heart of Sydney in one sip. P160.00

4. Lanai Iced coffee


Made with a strong shot of coffee and the secret ingredient condensada, this is one of the tastiest coffees in town! P145.00

5. Starbucks’ Matcha Espresso Fusion

The ingredient du jour Matcha, takes on a new form in this delicious green coffee. P155 for tall

6. Wholesome Table’s Coffee Almond Latte

A generous shot of espresso in a healthy almond milk will fill you up and give you a good kick mid afternoon. P100.00 for 80z

7. 711’s City Blends

Dark chocololate. Bitter sweet. Alam na. #711 #cityblends ☕

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A little kick at a fraction of a cost. P20.00 for small

7. Starbucks’ Peppermint Mocha

Christmas in a cup! (Replicated year round if you ask them to put peppermint syrup.) P160.00 for tall

8. Costa’s Flat White

A classic way to take coffee, British-style –  perfected in Manila. P150.00

9. Kopiko Astig

True to its astig reputation, this is the best 3-in-1 voted by our pool of moms to date. P9 per sachet

10. Luna Specialty Coffee’s White Rabbit Candycinno

Your childhood served in a cup. Bring on the nostalgia! P175.00


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Michelle said : Guest Report 7 months ago

Hahaha I'm a coffee lover, but to be honest, I'm not familiar with names especially at Starbucks, I don't usually go there because it's expensive but the only coffee I can relate with is the kopiko astig, hahaha, super affordable and astig talaga

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