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How To Make Fluffy Slime

Juana Slime

Kids have been going crazy over slime. They make it in all colors and play with the goo in all its glory! Here’s how to make your own slime at home. It is also a surprisingly relaxing experience. Enjoy!




What you need:

Measurements are not exact. Go by feel. Have fun!



A plastic container

2 tubs of Elmer’s glue

Cheap lotion

Liquid hand-wash

Liquid detergent

Food coloring

Shaving cream







  1. Empty your tubs of glue into your container.
  2. Add shaving cream into the mix.
  3. Add a few small squirts of lotion.
  4. Mix a few small squirts of hand-wash.
  5. Mix well as if you are kneading bread.
  6. Add ingredients as you feel and see fit.
  7. Add a few drops of color.
  8. Knead, knead, knead.
  9. Check the consistency. It should be slimy yet soft.




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