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Why We Need Girlfriends in Our Lives

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Visit a popular restaurant or café during peak times and you are sure to spot a tableful of women laughing and chattering away. It’s not going to matter if you arrived after them because you are sure to leave before them. And they won’t notice you either because there is a lot of storytelling, opinion sharing, and giggling or howling with laughter happening in their table.


It doesn’t matter how or when the friendship is formed. When women find sisters from other mothers, that bond is practically unbreakable. It doesn’t matter if there is a new man in your life, a baby to breastfeed, or a new house to build. Girlfriends will never be replaced.


It’s not just because girlfriends speak their own language. Who else can explain why a conversation about soda water, sparkling tonic water, and plain tonic water for cocktail hour is so important?


Discussions aren’t limited to cocktails, fashion, or vacation hotspots. Topics can also range from unemployment, infidelity, death, and sickness. While in the carefree age of your twenties or even thirties, it’s hard to believe that life can be tarnished in any way but as one gets older, girlfriends is the soothing balm during troubled times.


Family and husbands are there, yes, but girlfriends provide the support and perspective in order to move forward during trials.


Now and then, it takes a woman to take charge and know what the other one needs and to give it. Or to know what needs to be said and to just say it anyway. Or to just do what needs to be done because it’s necessary. Sometimes no explanations are required.


Because it is during both the highs and lows in life that show us who is by our side as we discover the ugliness and beauty in ourselves or in life. With all those experiences, a richer friendship awaits. It certainly makes sense when older people remind us to not lose touch with our girlfriends especially as we get older.


Men may not always understand our need to bond. When they don’t, it’s the perfect excuse for scheduling another get together with your girlfriends.




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