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Protecting Your Child’s Vision

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Screens and gadgets are a part of everyday life, from grandpa to grand child, every is on a gadget at some point in the day. It’s no longer considered taboo for kids to be on their ipads while parents enjoy a quiet meal, or for parents to rely on a gadget for kids to behave. Even schools now use screens as teaching tools. As children, we were told not to stay too close to the TV for fear of damaging our eyes, so why is this same fear not instilled in people who spend too much time on their ipads and phones? Surely the phenomenon is the same.


I have heard and read a lot about the effects of blue light. Blue light is the light that is emitted by gadgets. A study by the American Academy of Pediatrics reposts that kids who sleep with proximity to a screen causes them to get 20.6 minutes less sleep. Blue light supposedly depletes melatonin, the hormone that helps regulate sleep. For stressed out adults, it is recommended they shut off all gadgets and televisions 30 minutes before sleeping to remove the stimulation from the screens. Exposing children to gadgets before the age of 3 may disrupt their neurological associations needed for their brains to develop, according to Psychology Today. Moreover, exposure to blue light decreases the naturally occurring lutein in our eyes.



Lutina is a new kind of lens from Japan  that is carried exclusively by Vision Express, and protects the eyes from blue light damage and depletion of lutein. This kind of lens prevents light from entering the lens, shielding your eye ( see video below). Seeing as screen time for kids is becoming the new norm, its wise to invest in a pair of protective glasses- even if the eyes have no grade, as this prevents any further damage. This kind of lens is also helpful for adults who are always on their computers or phones. Vision Express is a great one stop shop for the entire family to get their eyes checked. The machines are modern- not big and scary as they used to be. The best part is the wide range of frames available!








Interestingly, Vision Express has a roving machine that can check the lutein levels in your eyes.  Getting your eyes checked is quick and easy as they offer one hour processing, a promise for First Frames Free ( yup your first frames are free!) and a team of optometrists to help determine your needs.


Levels of lutein can only be gained back through eating copious amounts of vegetables or taking supplements.  Going for an eye exam and checking your family’s vision is  a lot more fun than eating a kilo of carrots- especially for kids!



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