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Pure Beaute

Juana Pure Beaute

Virgin coconut oil (VCO) has long been hailed as the wonder oil that can fix everything .The range of Pure Beaute toiletries presents VCO in a much more glamorous way, with all the benefits the oil is known for. Gentle and nourishing, the range has no strong scent and is truly moisturizing. VCO is anti-bacterial & anti-fungal wand is known to have healing properties for things like psoriasis, eczema, alopecia, & the like. Pure Beaute is  sls & paraben free – & yet they have a luxurious feel when used for bathing because of the ingredient cocoate- a by product of coconut that give products a luxurious feel.

Shampoo – Php 350.00
Conditioner – Php 350.00
Moisturizer – Php 350.00
Facial Wash – Php 350.00
Body Scrub – Php 350.00
Cleansing Bar – Php 220.00

Pure Beaute is available at www.simplemama.ph




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