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Raw Bites

Juana Raw Bites

At juana.com.ph, its no secret that we love food.  As the girls and I are always munching on something when we brainstorm,  and I am on a constant search for the next new healthy snack. When a box of Raw Bites arrived in my office, I was excited. My particular box came with so many healthy snacks that the girls in the office snapped them up before I had a chance to try all of them! I plucked out the snacks that I knew I would personally benefit from. These were the vegan protein bars- as I adhere to a high protein, low carb diet and the natural energy drinks, because I always need a pick me up in the afternoon. The protein snacks in my bag came in handy before working out, or when I didn’t have time to eat lunch. Snacking has never been healthier and cleaner- no guilt feelings, just a boost of good, raw clean energy!


Raw Bites is the bran child of Gail Go and Jane Dee who loved the selection of healthy snacks available while living abroad. Rather than being just a grocery, Raw Bites promotes a holistic lifestyle of health and wellness; they partner with like minded companies and fitness studios. We chatted with Gail of Raw Bites to find out more.


How long has Raw Bites been around?

We only launched our website last Feb 15th. So far, we’ve shipped out 2 months worth of boxes (April and May).


 Why did you decide to put this up?

We really started with the idea of just bringing in healthy snacks into the Philippines since both of us have been exposed to these great-tasting healthy snacks while we were based abroad. But we didn’t want to be just a grocery store, we wanted to promote a more holistic lifestyle where we can promote good nutrition and healthy living.


We understand that being healthy here is quite a challenge especially if you’re stuck in an office job, let alone the traffic that you have to endure everyday. Although we do not promise any weight-loss or some form of healing by eating our snacks, we know that by substituting your regular junk-food chips for one of our bars, you’re on your way to a healthier and fitter you!


Our box doesn’t just include healthy snacks, we also partnered with like-minded brands to complement our products. These would be in the form of vouchers (i.e. trial passes to a fitness studio, discounts, etc)



Juana Raw Bites



How does it work?

Customers subscribe online at www.rawbites.com.ph

They select the type of subscription that they want – trial, regular, and premium

They select the length of subscription – month, 3-mo, 6-mo, and 12-mos

We close the subscriptions every 28th of the prior month to include you in the next month’s subscription.

All boxes are dispatched on the 1st week of the month. MM customers get it on the same week while provincial customers get it at the latter part of the week or early part of the 2nd week, depending on their province.


 What happens if I want more of what was in the sample box?

Right now, we don’t sell the items individually through our website. We have event activations where we selectively sell the some of the items. We’ve also started distributing to our partner (fitness) studios in Metro Manila.


We will eventually open an e-commerce site where we’ll be selling retail packs of the products that had the best reviews from our monthly survey.


Will something available from 2 months ago still be available now? Or is it all seasonal?

We try not to repeat items in our box. We’ll only repeat a specific SKU after 10 months. Brands will be repeated through from time to time.


 What are your criteria for what does in the box?

The products must meat 2 of our #rawvolution rules: vegan, organic, gluten free, no refined sugars, no preservatives




Log on to www.rawbites.com.ph and be part of the #rawvolution!




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