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The Ways of Whisky

Juana Scotch Whisky

Whisky is slowly catching on as the drink of choice for many women. I myself love the smoky flavors of a well aged Scotch Whisky, a taste I developed sniffing my dad’s decanters when I was a kid. If you can’t take the heat in the chest of a whisky on the rocks, perhaps a good whisky cocktail is another way to enjoy the flavors in a gentler way.



Juana Whiskey




Malt Manila, an annual curated whisky festival with mini pop ups is headed by Trish Chua Juico and Karrie Bitanga was formed to bring whisky to the forefront in Manila. It is ironic that a drink that is more commonly associated with men is being celebrated and highlighted by two gorgeous women. The two ladies developed a liking for whisky and saw that Manila was ready to explore it. Their combined backgrounds in media, PR and events were the perfect mix to create Malt Manila.



Juana Manila


Juana Whisky



In commemoration of World Whisky Day, Crate & Barrel together with partners Malt Manila and Diageo treated special friends to an afternoon of whisky cocktails. Renowned mixologist Enzo Lim of Maharlika NY concocted fun, delicious and easy whisky-based drinks for entertaining with style at home. Malt Manila was generous enough to share  some of Enzo’s creations for delicious whisky cocktails for the enjoyment of both men and women.


Big Breakfast Sour

Bacon washed Bulleitt bourbon

Pandan honey syrup, orange shrub

Orange half-wheen + bacon salt



Banana Bulleitt ( Highball)

Johnnie Walker Black

Banana, ginger sweet and sour

Fizzy water ( club soda)

Ginger spear



Dona Sol

Bulleitt bourbon

Cinzano Rosso, jogo de naranja

Manille liqueur de Dalandan

Lemon when + paprika



Standing On A Beach

Johnnie Walker Black + Lagavulin 16

Pandan-honey syrup

Sea salt + herb vinegar

Pandan leaf




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