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The ultimate travel medicine kit

Juana Medicine for travel

As travel season is afoot, we have put together a list of medicines and handy things to take in your travel medicine kit. Many countries don’t allow the purchase of some medicine without a doctor’s receipt so best to have it with you before you leave. We also include some handy helpers to easy any ailments!


*All medicines here form a general list and do not have specific dosages for individuals. Dosage is calculated by a child’s weight, age and height. Consult your doctor before using these medicines.





  1. Amoxcicilin/Clauvanic acid ( NATRAVOX) suspension 475 mg #1 bottle antibiotic
  2. Clarithromycin (KLAZ suspensiom) 250mg # 1 bottle :antibiotic
  3. Domperidom ( Motillium): Vomiting
  4. Drixine pediatric nasal drops
  5. Prednisone ( Romamed/Optipred 20mg/5ml) #1 bottle :Oral steroid for asthma or severe allergy
  6. Cetirzine ( Virlix or): for allergy
  7. Phenylpropanolamine (Nasatapp): Decongestant
  8. Salbutamol ( Ventolin): Anti asthma)
  9. Budesonide ( budecort): Anti asthma steroid
  10. Ibuprofen ( Dolan/ Advil suspension) : fever or pain
  11. Simethicone ( Restime drops): Anti Colic
  12. Protexin sachet: Probiotic
  13. Oxymatazoline ( Drixine) pediatric nasal drops: Decongestant)
  14. Celestamine syrup : Anti Allergy
  15. Foskina B ointment : Anti allergy topical steroid
  16. Tobradex eye drops : eye infection
  17. Opigesic suppository: high fever
  18. Erceflora
  19. Acetaminophen (Tempra for Children 2-11 years): Reduces fever and headache
  20. Vapor Soove: All natural chest rub for cold, stuffy nose, and cough



Suggested medicines for parents


  1. Paracetamol
  2. Ibuprofen
  3. Buscopan : stomach cramps
  4. Laxative: for the days when your body doesn’t cooperate
  5. Erceflora or Ercefuryl : bad stomach
  6. Motilium: helps with indigestion
  7. Virlix or anti allergy pill
  8. Claritin : for seasonal allergies
  9. Bactrim
  10. Augmentin: Antibiotics are hard to buy abroad without a doctors script




Band aids

Aerochamber- the best tool for kids with asthma. Instead of taking around a nebulizer this handy mask type tool makes using a puffer easy for kids.

Tiger balm, mentholated oil or gel for tired legs



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