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While You Were Sleeping

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What is “Preventive Maintenance”? In a nutshell, it is preserving a thing that is still functioning by regularly examining and making adjustments to it in order to lessen the chances of it breaking down any time soon.


When we get a good night’s sleep, we wake up ready to face a new day! This is reflected in our energy levels, in our faces, and even in the quality of our performance throughout the day. That is because, when we sleep well, we are performing preventive maintenance on our bodies.


What happens when we sleep?


We may not know it but while we sleep, our body is pretty busy as it goes through various repairs.


During REM (Rapid Eye Movement), the brain resets itself after the overload of information from all the activities in one day. After filing away all the particulars of the day’s events, our brains will be ready to make room for more data the next day.


Our skin definitely benefits from good zzzzzs. When we don’t sleep, expect puffy eyes, dry and dehydrated skin, and a pale complexion. After a good night’s rest, our bodies allow it to reverse free radical damage through cellular renewal. Our body naturally strengthens itself to fight the environment’s pollution and exposure to the sun. Hello, brighter complexions!


Our body releases growth hormones too during slumber. They give nourishment and help mend our muscles and tissue. Physically, our muscles will get the much needed relaxation after the busy day we had.


Many believe that a constant lack of sleep contributes to high blood pressure. Our heart rate slows down during sleep. This allows our bodies to relax. It’s at that time of the day when our hearts don’t have to work so hard.


Our body manages our hydration levels while we sleep so it is really important to stay hydrated during our hectic day. When we drink enough water, we produce enough melatonin which helps us sleep well.


Make sure you always get a good night’s rest so that you wake up reinvigorated to face a new day! Sweet Dreams!


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